Ending Poverty,
Improving Livelihoods

Who we are

We are a christian humanitarian, and youth led organization addressing the issues of poverty through increased access to education, public health and humanitarian interventions for Africa’s underserved communities starting from Nigeria.

Our Vision

Envisioning an Africa of love, care, and respect for all, regardless of gender, culture, or beliefs.

Our Mission

Revitalizing core values essential for national development by empowering and building the capacity of our citizens.

Our Values

Rooted in Bible-based values and working alongside communities, we are committed to tackling injustice, make rights for the world’s most vulnerable through a holistic approach and fostering cross-sector collaboration

Our Culture

• We are youthful
• We are passionate
• We are optimists
• We are changemakers


We’ve worked on improving the lives of over 23,000 people living in extreme poverty and fragile states through a need-based approach.

We collaborate across sectors, taking a holistic approach to complex challenges by identifying root causes, strengthening mindsets, skills and resources, and restoring relationships.

Our numbers that speak

Driven by our growing numbers, we strive to outdo ourselves and set new records. We’re thrilled to expand and assist more people each day.

Members Worldwide
Funds Raised
Children Helped
Food Provided

Support us and change the course of a child’s life today!

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